About our coffee

We strive to serve the finest coffee available. We source the best beans and we rigorously train our staff to prepare all coffee and espresso drinks according to the highest standards.

Brewed Coffee
Our house blend is a strong, full-flavored, full-bodied cup. The components change seasonally for consistency and flavor.

Espresso Drinks
We are proud of our espresso drinks and our highly-skilled baristas — any barista who makes you an espresso drink has completed our comprehensive training program and learned the art of fine espresso drink preparation.

We keep the ratio of milk in our espresso drinks relatively low so we don’t drown out the taste of our espresso, and we texture our milk into velvety micro-foam to give our drinks just the right mouth-feel. We think you will appreciate the difference.

Iced Coffee
We use a cold-brewed method for making our iced coffee. We believe that this method creates a superior flavor profile relative to iced coffee made from the cooling of hot coffee. And while the cold-brewed method is more labor intensive and more expensive, taking as long as 24 hours to complete, the quality of the beverage created by using it is undeniably better than iced coffee prepared using conventional methods.