About Us

Firenzes Coffee & Gelato is a new concept that offers a combination of a simple family-friendly product and the sophistication of a gourmet frozen dessert and hot beverage, ideal for Annapolis residents and tourists in all seasons.

Firenzes uses top-notch technology (Carpigianni Gelato Makers from Italy), highest-quality ingredients and homemade recipes making every batch of artisanal gelato and every cup of coffee unique.

Our low-fat gelato and non-fat sorbet offers more taste and product per scoop, resulting in a healthier treat compared to traditional ice cream. Our coffee is sourced from fair trade sources as well as local roasters, ground and freshly brewed on site with our special Firenzes touch.

Firenzes Gelato/ Sorbet Process

After importing some ingredients and super fruits from the Andes / Amazon and also sourcing from the best local farmers and suppliers, the gelato bases are produced and treated in a heat-and-cold process.  Fruits, herbs, nuts and other flavors are carefully selected (e.g., ripeness) for an accurate formulation of each specific batch recipe, considering sweeteners, solids, fat and water content, natural emulsifiers and stabilizers.  At this stage, we ensure that the perfect taste and texture is obtained.

The selected ingredients are combined in an industrial blender and the mix is beat in a batch freezer  for the necessary time to achieve the right density and texture for the gelato, every batch is placed in the display case at 4 °F ensuring the freshness of artisanal product.